What Goals and Plans do I have in 2015 to make the New Year even Happier?

Happy New Year! The new has started and everyone is talking about their New Year’s resolution for 2015. Setting goals and plans is important because they keep us motivated, curious, fulfilled and overall happy throughout the year.  Moreover, they challenge us. As I wasn’t on vacation this Christmas and had to work, I barely had time to reflect on 2014. So I decided to write a blog post about my plans and goals for 2015. On the one hand, I think it is good to share my resolution. That makes me kind of responsible to stick to it. On the other, it made time for me to really think about it. Let me explain my goals first and then I will talk about my plans on how I intend to accomplish them.

My Goals for the Year 2015

My first goal is fitness related and easy to explain: I want a six pack (or let’s say abs). I have been training intensively since the end of 2013, but I haven’t really had a goal. I wanted to look fitter and feel fitter, but I didn’t set a concrete goal. By the end of 2014 it became clear to me that I needed a plan and maybe a goal. And now I have just set (said) it.

Another goal is related to my social relations. I want to forgive people more easily. Or put in another way, I don’t want to hold any grudges against anybody. No matter what had happened. That was also my goal for last year, but by the end of 2014 I found that I was doing pretty bad at it.

The next and also last goal is job related. I want to find an idea to start my self-employment besides the area of the job I already have. Maybe the goal is more like finding the plan. Ideas already exist, but the action plan is still missing or the time frame or both…

How I plan to Reach my Goals

To reach my fitness goal I have started the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. In November I decided to start it mainly because of all the transformation pics of women ending up with a six pack – even though that was not my goal back then. After having been training according to the plan since 5 weeks now, I think I am able to achieve a six pack this year. Why did I set this goal and not any other for example a weight goal or a goal of how many reps I can do of one exercise? Having a six pack or having abs is not only something I like to have because I think it looks good. It means so much more. It means that you have trained hard, that you eat right and healthy, that your intake of good and nutrient food is sufficient and it means that you are dedicated and disciplined. It is a goal which progress can be tracked easily and which is not impossible to be reached. It is a little project of myself which I am determined to accomplish.

My goal not to hold a grudge against anybody doesn’t really have a plan until now. I think it should be possible to accomplish it by reminding myself once a month, maybe at the end of each month, that I should not worry myself with how other people behaved or what they said (not only to me but in general). I guess it would be a good thing to remind myself with a blog and social media post every month to track my progress.

Concerning my professional goal I don’t have a concrete plan right now. So the goal would rather be to develop a plan. I started a study course in 2014 which is supposed to end in 2016. According to the study plan I am going to have two two-weeks phases of study presence this year, two exams and one written assignment. Well, my plan is to pass all of that and get an action plan out of it how to get my own business started.

For my general happiness, I have the plan to stick to my two other favorite hobbies besides sports and my dog: writing and travelling. I have the intention to consistently write blog posts on this website. Not as easy as it might seem! Moreover, I planned one longer trip to Japan for about two weeks and some smaller trips to Nizza, Dubai and cities in Germany. As I have to take a break from work for my study course which consists of two two-weeks phases I am really restricted this year. Last year I was good with three weeks in South-East-Asia and one week in Italy…so it should be fine having less time to travel this year.

Goals and Plans for the New Year 2015

Goals and Plans for the New Year 2015