psychological resilience

In psychology the term resilience stands for the ability to bounce back from negative life events, times of hardship, a personal catastrophe, personal suffering, and traumatic experiences.

Positive psychology identifies the following key factors of resilience:

moral compass
faith and spirituality
to have a role model
social support
ability to face your fears and
purpose (that is where motivation comes from)


People who are more resilient than others have implemented the above mentioned key factors in their lifes. Resilience can be trained through developing the mentioned key factors. This doesn’t mean that we all have to react in the same way to negative life events. People are different and accordingly they will act different. There are many ways to become more resilient and surely there are different forms of resilience.

One figure by Karol L. Kumpfer illustrates risk and protective factors in relation to a persons resilience:

Internal Self Resiliency Characteristics

At spirituality, behavioral/social skills, physical well-being, cognitive competency, and emotional stability we will have a deeper insight in single blog posts. Just search the navigation according to the categories.

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