My first blog post

So, how to name your first blog post? Difficult question…it took me more than one year to write the post – incredible! Even though everything else was set up, WordPress, the design, and the main content I was not able to write the first post (Though I don’t think it is something big, do you?). When I reflect it today I think I had different reasons why I could not just begin.

In the second half of the last year I went through some serious change. My relationship broke down, I quit my job, I started a new job, I had to move, I had started living with my parents again (seriously!), quite a few decisions had to be made, and overall I had to reorganize my life. I didn`t feel like starting another “new” thing, even though the blog already existed. Another reason, which is actually not a reason, is that I was afraid of the commitment. “When I start writing and maybe people comment on the blog and I have to start a routine of writing, hence, I commit myself so that I have to continue”, that was my thought and a fear – something very typical of me. First of all, I was afraid of a commitment in a time I had to take so many decisions. Second, I was afraid of a commitment in a time when I was reorganizing my life and I wasn’t sure how it would fit in the new structure. Third, I was afraid committing myself to this “project” and after some time maybe realizing, that I am not attracted to it anymore. Fourth, I could not find the time because there was always another project more important which obviously consumes less time and therefore could be done now (I always wanted to start writing when I have a huge time gap – which for sure is never ever to arrive). That is something very typical of me. Some might call it indecisive, but I would rather explain it differently:

Just do it! And a path will open up that wasn't there before.

Just do it! And a path will open up that wasn’t there before.

I have so many projects ongoing and planned that it sometimes seems easier to stick to something I have already started than to start something new. Or some projects seem to consume less time than others so that I feel more eager to start them with regard to the constant lack of time. That is how I tick and often the reason why I don’t start something I have intended starting a long time ago. Another aspect is that I start projects and after some time I don’t feel attracted to them anymore – and I quit. In the case of a blog I had been thinking that it is something you should not just quit like that and that I had to be sure if I really want to stick to it. In the last months I learned more about myself and I know now that it is a lack of incentive which makes me quit my projects. I reached an aim which was unintentionally and maybe unconsciously set by me and the project is uninteresting for me. There is no incentive for me to follow or to stick to the project anymore (It is like closing a file even though to other people it might seem that the project is undone). What else did I learn during the last months? That I can create new incentives as long as I know what I am looking for and that I can set new aims as long as it is possible with regard to the project. I think that is possible within the context of a blog and the dimensions of the World Wide Web.

Overall, the above are all excuses, so today I just thought to myself: Just do it!

Isn`t it the case with all of the things all of the time? We just need to go ahead, get it done and great things can happen. So, here I go! Enjoy, comment, and debate! I am very curious to read about your experiences, opinions, and maybe even research.