How Physical Well-Being Contributes to Happiness

Physical well-being contributes to your happiness and resilience in many different ways. I understand physical well-being as a multitude of health, physical activities and talents as well as a certain kind of mindset. In my opinion, physical well-being is the relationship between your mind and your body. It is a motive we all should thrive for. Why does physical well-being contribute to resilience and happiness?

For you who do not care so much about a healthy lifestyle or who do not exercise regularly it may not be so obvious at a first glance. For those who already live a healthy lifestyle at least it should be clear that doing sports sets free certain hormones which subsequently make you feel happy. Healthy eating makes your body feel better. It keeps you energized and fresh. It prevents you from feeling low. Many people are not conscious of how a healthy lifestyle can make your body and mind feel. You are not only full of energy because of your activities and nutrition but you also stay in a good shape which subsequently will boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. Still, there is a lot more about physical well-being.

Physical well-being is the relationship between your mind and your body

Physical well-being is the relationship between your mind and your body

Referring to my last blog post, thriving for a healthy lifestyle as a motive necessarily brings along a certain routine. You develop a routine of cooking or preparing healthy food, maybe even in a group. You develop a routine of exercising or physical activities of any kind that you like. Maybe you even educate yourself in different ways about a healthy lifestyle frequently. It becomes more or less a daily routine which adds up to your emotional stability.

Everything that you do regularly of which you feel has to be done no matter at what time or what the circumstances are trains your discipline. If you managed to set up routines in your life, you are much disciplined. You did not give up. Discipline is a very important characteristic when it comes to overcoming challenges and obstacles. You certainly need a lot of discipline to push yourself through it. Being concerned about your physical well-being and about keeping your routine to maintain it trains that kind of discipline, too.

For many people physical talents are their ultimate meaning or purpose in life. You do not have to compete in the Olympics to find meaning. All those (professionals) who do a certain kind of sports for a period of time see a purpose in it. Many play soccer for their whole lives without ever reaching a highly professional level. It is their love for the game, the team work or the competition that motivates them. So if you find a kind of sport that you like just go ahead and do it. Stick with it and you will always have a purpose in your life.

This leads to another point: having a role model is evaluated by positive psychology to be a characteristic of resilient people. People who are concerned about their well-being and who live a healthy lifestyle have role models. You literally need to have at least one or two. You need an athlete you can look up to. You need someone who gives you advice and inspiration. If you do not find these persons in real life, it can just be in form of a book, a picture or social media. Without a role model it is likely that you lose track or focus, that you do not push yourself to certain limits or that you give up in the end. You will even see that role models struggle, too. Seeing your role model dealing with obstacles is going to remind you that everyone has his or her challenges in life which are meant to be overcome.

Through physical activity you even learn how to face your fears. You grow through it. In the end, all of the above mentioned leads to self-acceptance and self-love if you have the right mindset. Do not see it as a competition with others. See it as a competition with yourself.

There is so much more to the importance of physical well-being as is obvious at a first glance. Do you know now where to start strengthening your resilience?