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For one part, the topic of this blog has its roots in my master’s thesis. Its title is „Vulnerability, Resilience and Adaptability“. Unlike as many might think I am not a psychologist but a sociologist. And no, I didn’t explore how to apply these concepts to disasters, but to social groups. I have always wanted to publish the results of the thesis and blogging about it seemed to me a great way to present them to everyone who’s interested. Besides the concepts took hold on me and every now and then I am applying them to real life situations. Especially the resilience concept, the other two concepts often come by, but not always. That’s why they don’t show up in the blogs main title.

In fact, there are endless stories I could tell and comparisons I could draw using the concept of resilience – not only with regard to social groups but also with regard to the individuum. In a moment, when I was reading the book „16 Basic Psychological Motives“ by, the idea came to me that fulfilling your most important psychological motives might equal building your resilience and, hence, makes you find your „value-based“ happiness. From now on, I haven’t been only interested in social resilience but also in resilience as a concept of psychology and how it relates to happiness. It feels good thinking and analyzing about it. It helps. It helps understanding myself, some others and maybe it might help as well understanding processes in societies – or why they don’t happen.

My purpose of writing is to get you in touch with the concept of resilience and to show you the many possibilities of its application including every day life. I hope reading about it will help.

Why English even though it is not my mother tongue? I want to communicate with as many people as possible – not only with Germans or German-speaking people. I would like to discuss on the topics of my blog with people from different backgrounds and I would like them to be able to read my blog as well.

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